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Unlock the Mystery

This event, which builds on the popularity of Escape rooms, finds teams racing to be the first to unlock a chest on the main stage. What the chest contains is a mystery that your group must reveal!

The emcee challenges teams - who will be the one that's smart enough to solve the clues that allow them to unlock the chest? Only time will tell and that is limited, as teams only have 90 minutes to do so. But, the first to do so will be richly rewarded...

At each team table, attendees find another chest locked with a directional lock. The emcee announces that the event has begun, turns on the countdown clock, and begins to play a loop of songs. Teams soon realize that they must pay attention to the songs to give them the direction they need to unlock their chest. Once opened, teams find a variety of additional clues and puzzles. Each team must determine the strategy that works best for them. They can try to tackle one clue at a time or form smaller groups to work on multiple clues at the same time.

Guests discover that if they combine certain items in the chest with the other items in their bag and props around the room, they can solve the clues. For example, teams may find a page with random letters in a rainbow of colors in their chest. They may also find an open chest with large gemstones in the room. The gemstones, which are the same color as the letters on the page, are all marked with a number. The gemstones reveal how teams should read the letters on the page to find a solution. I.e. the green gemstone has a #1 on it, so all of the green letters should be read first. The blue gemstone has a #2 on it, so all of the blue letters should be read second. But, the red gemstone has a fish on it. Why? Because it's a red herring and the red letters shouldn't be used at all!

Teams may have to put together a jigsaw puzzle that reveals an image with letters of the alphabet randomly placed around the image. From the clue adhered to the puzzle bag, teams know they have to text a question to the listed phone number. When they realize the missing letters can be arranged to ask the question "RUOK?" they receive a text back that reads, "I'm doing great thanks!" along with the clue solution.

A countdown clock at the front of the room ticks down the minutes teams have left. The only way to crack the code before time is up is to combine all of the solutions to their clues together. Will they be successful, or will the chest remain locked forever? If they are, the chest is opened in an exciting on-stage finish. And, the first team to unlock the mystery gets to keep the gold inside the chest as a reward –gold award medals that is! If they're not successful, the mysteries are revealed to them, resulting in a big a-ha moment for all.


  • Set up, strike and delivery of a team building event for teams of 8 participants
  • A professional event leader to emcee and organize the event
  • One locked treasure chest for the stage, countdown clock, clues and props around the room, plus one small chest and bag of clues and props for each team
  • Numbered cards to serve as team identification for each participant
  • Award medals for each participant on the winning team

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size30 or more participants
Ideal Team Size8 participants per team
Event Length1 hour to 1.5 hours
Event LocationAny private meeting space (indoor space is recommended)
Level of CustomizationClient logo on award medals, story of what is locked in the chest on stage can be customized to reveal something exciting to the group
Event ElementsCommunication, relationship building, competition, strategy, time management, leadership skills, problem solving, etc.
Charitable ElementsThere could be a check inside the locked box on stage that will be donated to charity
Space RequirementsApproximately 15 sq. ft. per person
Set Up RequiredDraped and skirted banquet rounds with seating for 8 (1 per team) plus additional six or eight foot draped and skirted tables for props and a stage or riser with a draped and skirted table to display large treasure chest on, microphone and sound system for the emcee.

Note: Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description