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Two Can Play That Game

Event Description

Looking for fun, fast-paced competition that will leave your participants wanting to “play” more? If you’re looking for a great way for two teams to go head to head, then Two Can Play That Game is the perfect teambuilding activity for you. This event is fashioned after Hollywood Game Night, but the stars of the show are your very own colleagues. After a series of challenges, find out which team’s stars will fall and which team will stand out in the spotlight!

After players are organized onto two teams and team captains are selected, the emcee kicks off the event, explaining that point values increase as games progress. Answers in the first set of games are worth one point, answers in the next set of games are worth two points and answers in the last set of games are worth five points. So, if team’s stars fall behind, they shouldn’t “bow” out! They may quickly regain the lead as the game show progresses.

Everyone participates in each round of games, which include:

  • Snack Attack - Teams view pictures of popular snacks. The first team to buzz in with the correct guess scores points. If they give a wrong answer, their opponent can take a guess.
  • Drop A Hint - A teammate has 90 seconds to give one-word hints that describe items to their teammates. Points are scored for each one they guess correctly. Items can be generic, or company items can be worked into the list as well.
  • Are You Game? Teams have 90 seconds to put six pictures of famous toys in chronological order. When they hit the buzzer, the emcee tells them how many they have in the correct order. They can continue to make changes until they get all six placed correctly, or until time runs out.
  • TV Talk - One person from each team goes to the front and is secretly shown the name of a television show. Opponents bid on who can get their team to guess the name of the show with the fewest words spoken aloud as possible.
  • Something’s Missing - Teams are shown stills from famous movies, only the actors and actresses faces are blanked out. The first team to buzz in with the correct guess scores points. If they give a wrong answer, their opponent can make a guess.
  • Meet Your Match - Teams take turns stepping up to Concentration-style cards to flip two over to see if they’ve made a match. Points are scored for each match made.
  • Don’t Rain On My Charade - One person from each team has 90-seconds to act out as many subject cards as possible to their teammates. Points are scored for each one they guess correctly.
  • I La-La-Love It - Teams have 90 seconds to guess as many songs as possible that are sung by their teammates. The only hitch is, the only word they can sing is “la!” Once a teammate guesses a song, they must perform the next song.

At the end of the event, points are tallied and the team scoring the most is called forward to receive award medals for getting ahead of the game!


  • Set, strike and delivery of an event for 2 teams of up to 16 participants each
  • Professional event leader and assistant to emcee and organize the event
  • Bandannas as team identification for each participant
  • Event equipment including PowerPoint Presentation, buzzer for each team, and all supplies for game show challenges
  • Award medals for each participant on the winning team

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

6-30 participants

Ideal Team Size

3-15 participants per team

Event Length

1 hour

Event Location

Event is typically held indoors

Level of Customization

Client logo on award medals.

Event Elements

Relationship building, competition, problem solving, strategy, creativity, high-energy

Charitable Elements

None usually, but possible if requested

Space Requirements

Approximately 10 sq. ft. per person

Set Up Required

Two six or eight-foot draped and skirted table for the emcee and seating for the teams (couches or 1-2 draped and skirted six or eight-foot tables with or banquet rounds seating may be desired)

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description