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The Games

Event Description

High-energy music plays over the loudspeakers as the “athletes” take to the field, proudly wearing and waving their team colors. Then, the emcee or a VIP from the group comes running out to announce, “Let the games begin!”

In this event, all participants are placed on a team. The playing field is set up with series of “lanes” – one lane for each team. As the emcee introduces each game the referees ensure each team has the equipment they need and helps to demonstrate the game and explain the rules. Each game is either a timed challenge with points being awarded based on how quickly each team completes the game or a scored challenged with points being awarded for how well each team did during the time allowed. All teams compete at the same time in this high-energy competition that has each team going for the gold!

Sample Games May Include:

How many and which games to choose is based on event location or venue, number of participants and length of event. A more comprehensive list is available. Sample games include:

Baton Pass– Teammates partner up, running a relay with a giant baton in between their legs. The only hitch is; they can’t use their hands to hold onto it or pass it off to the next pair!

Cross Country Skiing – Partners work together to coordinate their movements as they walk on team skis. Rings – Soft Frisbees fly through the air as participants attempt to get them through the rings.

Gymnastics Obstacle Course – A three-part obstacle course that incorporates the rings (Hula-Hooping), jumping (rope) and for comedic effect, Rhythmic Gymnastics (teammates tie one leg of a pair of pantyhose around their waist – the other leg has a softball in it that hangs down between their legs and they must use hip action to swing it and hit a whiffle ball from one cone to another).

Swimmer Relay – Teammates take turns getting outfitted for a swimming relay. The clock doesn’t stop until everyone has done their quick change in and out of goggles, swim trunks, and flippers.

Soccer – Teams dribble a ball around the cones and then must shoot from a goal line into a hoop. If the ball comes to rest inside the hoop, they score points for their team.

Shot Put – Teams load “shot” into giant slingshots, trying to get them into targets held by their teammates.

Synchronized Swimming – Teammates “dress” one of their own to get him or her ready to compete in the synchronized swim competition. The swimmer dons a bathing cap, which is covered in shaving cream. Teammates toss plastic flowers onto the cap from a distance to see how many stick to the cap in the time allotted.

Tennis Follow Through – Teams line-up single file on one end of the field. On go, the first person must run to the other end of their lane line while balancing a tennis ball on a tennis racquet. Once they reach the end of the lane line, they must balance their tennis ball on a cone, and then run back and pass off their tennis racquet to the next person, who will retrieve the tennis ball. Relay continues until every teammate has taken a turn. The team with the fastest time wins.

Weightlifting – One participant on each team becomes the weightlifter and the rest of the team beefs him up by stuffing his lifting suit with “muscles” – sponge balls they must pass in an over and under manner to the weightlifter.

Sports stars must work hard on their sport and on getting sponsorship. Therefore, every team is given time throughout the games to put together a sponsorship presentation. The better the team presentation, the better a team’s chances at winning the gold!

As participants perform these presentations, judges tally up team points. The event culminates with a closing ceremony that sees the top team invited to the podium to receive gold award medals on red, white and blue neck ribbons.


  • Set, strike and delivery of an event for teams of 12 participants
  • Professional event leader and assistant(s) to emcee and organize the event
  • Team identification for each participant
  • Event equipment including all equipment for games and layout of game area
  • Award medals for each participant on the winning team
  • DJ to provide sound system and play music throughout the event

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

30 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

12 participants per team

Event Length

2-3 hours

Event Location

This event can be held indoors or outdoors

Level of Customization

Client logo on award medals

Event Elements

Relationship building, competition, strategy

Charitable Elements

None usually, but possible if requested

Space Requirements

Approximately 18 sq. ft. per person

Set Up Required

Six or eight foot draped and skirted tables (dependent on number of participants). Power for DJ (standard outlet) is required.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description