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Teambuilding Events

These teambuilding programs are typically offered for a 2-3 hour period in the afternoon. With events that can be done in ballrooms, outdoors or a mix of the two, you’re sure to find one perfect for your group.

Through teambuilding activities you can:

  • Create participation and involvement
  • Improve cohesiveness through teamwork
  • Empower individuals through challenges
  • Improve communication
  • Strategize to develop and achieve goals
  • Highlight strengths of each participant
If you're interested in participating in an Escape Room, but you have too many people to fit in one room and/or don't have the time in your schedule to go off-site to one, we've cracked the conundrum on how your group can still see if they have what it takes to escape! Have your guests participate in a virtual Escape Room where they must crack three different codes to escape a series of screens before the time on the countdown clock runs out.
Teams participate in a series of short physical challenges using unexpected items. Teams have a certain amount of time to practice each game but points only accrue when it’s crunch time!
This high-tech scavenger hunt is the perfect way for teams to explore their surroundings using an iPad with a custom app to navigate to various GPS "hotspots" to unlock tasks. Challenges, which can put the spotlight on the event area, can wrap in photos, videos, trivia, music, and more! Teams can watch their progress on a live leaderboard until shortly before the event ends when teams meet back up where the winning team will be revealed.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it's Kapow! The high-tech event that puts your team's superhero qualities to the test in a flash as they use a custom app and loaner iPads to complete a series of challenges!
Teams have five levels to work through, with each passing level becoming more and more complex. However – the harder the challenge, the higher the points! They may have to solve puzzles, crack codes, and complete photo and video challenges.
It is usually considered impolite to make a scene. But, during this teambuilding activity, it's actually encouraged as teams create their own must-see commercial or film for their company. The activity ends with a video viewing and awards for the clips the audience enjoyed the most.
Sometimes planning a team building event can be murder. But, in this case, murder IS the team building event! The body of an internationally renowned lawyer, Laura Norder, has been found and we need your group’s help examining the evidence and liaising with key suspects and witnesses to piece together the sequence of events!
These are not just trivial matters. Our game shows incorporate a wide range of challenges including music, visual puzzles and physical games as well. And, rather than just a few participants on stage at a time, everyone participates in our game shows with teams facing off against one another!
With regards to team building, it's time to raise the bar – a tiki bar, that is! Everyone is sure to hold a torch for this event, which finds them competing in "tiki trivia" to earn tokens used to purchase items needed to transform an ordinary classroom table into a tiki bar!
Bring back all of the fun of summer camp…without the bug bites and awkward teen moments. Groups explore the “camp” as they meet up with Counselors who challenge them with a series of physical, mental and creative activities. Win or lose, we promise that your entire team will leave feeling like truly happy campers!
If you're looking for a fitness-related event that works for everyone - whether they lift weights regularly or the only weight they ever pull is their own when it comes to achieving results in the workplace - then this team challenge offers perfect balance!
It's time for your team to strive for the gold in a series of relays appropriate for those with a coach or a couch potato mentality! Whether they experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat, all walk away a stronger team! And, if a sports theme doesn't "play" well with you, we can incorporate other themes such as beach games, superhero games and more.
This event, inspired by the television show The Amazing Race, pits teams against each other in a race around a fun event location such as an entertainment and shopping district or city center. Teams have a great time chasing down route locations and completing a variety of fun team tasks such as roadblocks, detours, and intersections!
In this creative and challenging event, teams are required to create, market and pitch a product good enough to prove they have the business acumen and entrepreneurial skills to rival the most successful entrepreneur. Which team in your group will have what it takes to come out on top in this competitive challenge?
The premise behind Random Acts of Kindness is that it just takes one – one action, one smile, one favor, one comment, etc. – to make a difference. And, in this event, teams will experience that power not just once, but many times as they complete challenges that build on this premise!
Looking for fun, fast-paced competition that will leave your participants wanting to "play" more? If you're looking for a great way for two teams to go head to head, then Two Can Play That Game is the perfect teambuilding activity for you. This event is fashioned after Hollywood Game Night, but the stars of the show are your very own colleagues. After a series of challenges, find out which team's stars will fall and which team will stand out in the spotlight!
This event, which builds on the popularity of Escape rooms, finds teams solving clues, opening puzzle boxes, and deciphering secret codes in a race to be the first to unlock a chest on the main stage. Which team will have the best strategy and figure it out first?