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Raise the Tiki Bar (Available in Florida only)

With regards to team building, it's time to raise the bar – a tiki bar, that is! Everyone is sure to hold a torch for this event, which finds them transforming an ordinary classroom table into a tiki bar! Guests arrive to music, such as Gin & Coconut Water, to inspire them for the task ahead of them. They're handed a tropical-colored lei and told to gather the rest of their team around the plain table that has the same color lei on it. But, the emcee explains, the table won't stay plain for long!

Teams have a set amount of materials on their table to create their tiki bar, such as bamboo poles, rolled bamboo fencing, thatch panels, abaca matting and natural reed fencing. They can also visit "the store" to purchase additional items they want to create their own tiki hut, such as grass skirting, floral décor, tiki masks, tissue paper to make tissue paper flowers, etc. They earn the money to spend at the store by participating in a round of Tiki Trivia - the better they fare, the more coins they can add to their initial stash!

Every tiki bar has to attract people to visit it, so teams must also name their bar and put together a commercial advertising what makes their tiki bar special! They must put some hula into their hustle, because at a set time, they must be ready to have their tiki hut judged for its creativity! Usually island time is laid back, but not during this competition! Teams must be ready by a set time to present their tiki bar. A group of VIPs can be the judges, or everyone in the group can have a vote – the only trick is they can't vote for their own creation!

The votes are tallied and then it's time to reveal the winning team, who comes on stage to receive their award medals on tropical-colored neck straps. Raise The Tiki Bar – take a "shot" at this team building event and you won't be disappointed!


  • Set, strike and delivery for teams of 10 participants
  • Professional event leader to emcee and organize the event
  • Event assistants to assist teams at the store
  • DJ to provide the sound system and play background music
  • Numbered leis as team identification for each participant
  • Event equipment including tiki bar-building materials and voting slips
  • Award medals for each participant on the winning team

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size30 or more participants
Ideal Team Size10 participants per team
Event Length2 hours
Event LocationTypically a ballroom or pool area at a resort
Level of CustomizationClient logo on award medals
Event ElementsRelationship building, competition, strategy, time management, high-energy, creativity
Charitable ElementsNone usually, but possible if requested
Space RequirementsApproximately 25 sq. ft. per person
Set Up RequiredOne classroom table per team (preferable if each table can be placed on a platform). Power for DJ (standard outlet) is required.

Note: Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description