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Plant Some Sunshine

Event Description

Your guests can plant some sunshine in someone's life by simply spending a couple of hours having fun with your colleagues. Participants decorate terracotta pots that will later be delivered to a local nursing home or hospital. The blooming plants inside the pots will provide long lasting "sunshine" to brighten the room of each recipient.

Guests arrive at the event and are greeted by upbeat music and an emcee welcoming them to the activity. If desired, the emcee will host a plant-themed themed mixer activity to serve as an icebreaker and a "get to know you" activity. Guests will be encouraged to get signatures in all the squares of a "Human Bingo" sheet. Participants sign their name in a square with a statement that is true for them such as "has a vegetable garden" or "has researched their family tree."" After the mixer, the emcee encourages guests to choose a table to sit at for the activity. At each setting the participants will find a terracotta pot and saucer. The pots have all been prepped and sealed so that they are ready to decorate and plant.

The emcee explains that guests will be decorating the pots and then filling them with a plant that will be donated. A representative from the nursing home or local hospital will greet the group and talk briefly about their organization and how these plants will help others. Many seniors are lonely as it is difficult for their loved ones to visit them on a regular basis and many hospital patients of all ages would love to have a colorful pot of flowers to brighten their room during their stay.

On each table is a supply of brushes, paints, masking tape, and cups of water to wash out the brushes. Guests are encouraged to decorate their pot in any way they wish. Guests don't have to be artists to make a beautiful pot. Simple stripes or polka dots make a lovely design. A selection of decoupage materials will also be available for those who feel they are "artistically challenged."

Once the pot is designed, guests may head over to the "garden shop" where they can pick out a plant to put into the pot. A variety of plants will be available depending on the season. For example, marigolds are perfect for a fall event. Containers of potting soil are provided for participants to properly prepare the pot for planting.

Once the paint dries on the pots they will be transported to the organization who will then deliver them to the individual recipients.


  • Set, strike and delivery of event
  • Professional event leader to emcee and event staff to assist with load in, load out and handout of materials to guests
  • A DJ to provide the sound system and play music throughout the event
  • One 6" terracotta pot and saucer per participant
  • Supplies for decorating the pots to include plastic tablecloths, acrylic paints, paint brushes, decoupage items, ribbons, disposable gloves and aprons, and cleaning supplies
  • Potting soil and plants
  • Coordination with a local charity to obtain a representative to address the group at the event
  • Delivery of potted plants to a local charity
  • Supplies for mixer activity including handouts, writing utensils, and one $25 prize

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

20 or more participants

Ideal Team Size


Event Length

1-2 hours

Event Location

This event can be held indoors or outdoors

Level of Customization

None typically

Event Elements

CSR, relationship building, community service, team bonding, creativity

Charitable Elements

Donations to a local nursing home, hospital, or similar

Space Requirements

Approximately 25 square feet per person

Set Up Required

Draped and skirted banquet rounds with 100% seating, six or eight-foot draped and skirted tables for DJ and event supplies, power (standard outlet) for the DJ.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description