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Pet Project

Event Description

Nothing puts a smile on your face like playing with your pet. But, a close second is playing games with your colleagues to earn donations for a pet shelter!!

As guests arrive to the event, they are given a form of team identification and are asked to take a seat at their team table. The emcee welcomes the guests and explains that they'll be competing in challenges for the chance to win items a local pet shelter is in need of. Some challenges are done around the team tables with everyone playing and some are on-stage challenges with representatives being called forward to compete. Challenges may include:

  • Pet Treat Stacking – On go, teams must try to stack one pet treat on top of another. The team with the tallest stack when time is called wins!
  • Shake Your Tail Feathers – Teammates shake their tail in an effort to be the first to shake out all of the Ping Pong balls from a tissue box attached to a wearable belt.
  • Rawhide Flip – Participants must try to flip two rawhide sticks off the back of their hand and catch it with the same hand. If they are successful, they remain standing and two more rawhide sticks are added onto the back of their hand. The participant who can flip and catch the most off the back of their hand wins.
  • Dictionary – Obscure words such as "Bangtail" flash on the screen along with different definitions. What is the true definition? Is it a pet grooming technique? A mustang or wild horse? Or, is it a birdcall? Guests get to vote for what they think is the correct description and the team identifying the most terms correctly wins.
  • Dog, Cat or Bird? – Played like rock-paper-scissors against the emcee only dogs (hands held in a begging pose) chase cats (hands held up like cat’s ears) chase birds (hands flapping) who land on dogs.
  • Have a Ball – Teams create a tilting tower of cups by catching ping pong balls that are bounced into each stacked cup
  • Bananagrams – Teams win by being the first to use all of their 21 letter tiles to form pet-related words.
  • Animal Attraction – Teams must answer these true or false questions about crazy animal statistics. For instance, a tarantula can survive for more than two years without food. Alarmingly, this is a fact!
  • Heads or Tails – Teams go up against the emcee. On the emcee's count, each teammate must decide to put their hands on their head, or on their tail. The emcee flips the coin and those who guess the correct flip remain standing. The last person standing on the final coin flip wins!
  • Cat Calling – VIPs or random teammates are sent to the stage to sing a portion of a song. The only hitch is they are the only ones hearing the song through a pair of headphones. And, the only word they can sing to the tune of the music is "meow!"
The team winning each of these games sends a representative forward to select a sealed package from the stage. What each one contains are items for the pet shelter – food, treats, toys, etc. Teams open to reveal what's inside and here’s the twist - the more expensive the items are in the packages, the more points that team wins!

At the end of the event, the team with the most points is revealed as the Top Dog and are told to "come!" to the stage to collect their award medals. The event ends with a charity representative thanking the group and explaining how their donations will get many tails wagging at their shelter!


  • Set, strike and delivery of a team building event for teams of 10
  • Professional event leader to emcee and organize the event
  • A DJ to provide the sound system and play music throughout the event
  • Event assistants to pass out tablets, help with tasks and score
  • Team identification for each participant
  • Supplies and equipment for all games
  • Display on the stage with sealed packages containing donated items
  • Delivery of all items to a local shelter
  • Award medals for each member of the first-place team

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

30 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

10 participants per team

Event Length

2 hours

Event Location

This event is typically held indoors

Level of Customization

Client logo on award medals

Event Elements

CSR, relationship building, community service, team bonding, high-energy, etc.

Charitable Elements

Donations to a local animal shelter

Space Requirements

Approximately 15 square feet per person

Set Up Required

Draped and skirted banquet rounds with seating for 10 (1 for each team), six or eight-foot draped and skirted tables for donation items, staged challenges, and DJ, power (standard outlet) for the DJ.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description