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Networking / Dinner Events

These activities can make interaction and networking the focus of your evening function, or can simply be an additional element to the party that gives those less outgoing guests a reason to interact with their colleagues. They can also be used as a unique and fun way to award “door prizes.”

Introduce interactive activities to your reception or hospitality event and:

  • Environments come alive
  • Colleagues turn into friends
  • Wallflowers transform into master networkers
  • Brands become buzz-worthy
During this popular beach-themed activity, participants will get beach balls with letters on them and must mingle with others to form beach-themed words. “Lifeguards” give leis to participants for each word formed. At the end of the event, the participant with the most leis wins.
Great for user conferences or associations, this activity encourages participants to exchange business cards through a fun activity. Once attendees have collected the cards matching the criteria in their folders they are entered into a prize drawing. Attendees keep all of the cards they've collected to encourage further connections throughout the conference and beyond.
Would you like to add a charitable activity into your meeting but just don't have time in the agenda to dedicate two to three hours on a full CSR teambuilding program? No problem! Add a charitable activity station to your reception event.
Everyone knows that a great dinner event can be murder to pull off. But, what makes this dinner event great is murder – a murder mystery activity that is! Here's the plot – guests complete murder mystery-themed challenges and each time one is completed, a piece of information is released that will help them identify the guilty suspect.
Looking for something to keep your attendees entertained while they are en route to their off-site dinner? Then consider Hollywood Rolls! There are a number of "roles" played in Hollywood, but in this activity, guests play Hollywood-themed games as the bus "rolls" towards their destination! Hollywood is famous for pitting one side against another – cops vs. robbers, humans vs. aliens. So too does this activity - it's the right side of the bus vs. the left side! And, one lucky person on the winning side will find they've picked up a prize along the way.
If you want your participants to exchange conversation with more than just their usual cliques, host this sparkling mixer activity that ends with one attendee taking home a real diamond!
This tropical themed mixer, participants must swap leis with other participants, so they eventually have 10 leis that are all the same color. Once they complete this task they are awarded with a special lei and an entry into a prize drawing!
Usually if guests are on their smart devices during a party, you may think they're not entertained. But, not so with this activity! In this event, guests' phones and/or tablets not only serve as the vehicle for an entertaining activity, they also allow them to make a connection with other guests in a fun way.
Want to mix things up and get your guests interacting? This event features a variety of mixer and icebreaker activities that will get your team to practice a number of skills, such as communication, strategy, problem-solving and teamwork while getting to know one another better!
What do you get when you combine a networking mixer with a care package assembly activity? You get "Netpackaging" – the ideal way for your guests to get to know one another while doing good for others!
Unlike a traditional mystery dinner, at which you simply sit back and eat while watching the scenes acted out, everyone at your table gets involved trying to solve the mystery. Tables of diners work together to solve the clues that may appear under participant's charger plates, tucked inside their napkin rings, printed on their coffee mints and more.
Encourage interaction and friendly competition with themed challenge stations set up throughout your theme party. Participants must "play to win" as they challenge each other to quick games where the victor receives a raffle ticket for a prize drawing. Games are developed to enhance the theme of the event. So whether you are having a luau on the beach or a medieval feast in a castle, Play to Win activities will be the hit of the party.
The "six degrees of separation" concept, builds on the theory that any two people on earth are six or fewer acquaintances apart. In this movie-themed mixer, guests get a nametag lanyard with a movie star’s name on it. Of course, Kevin Bacon will be one of the names!
Participants become mixologists as they get a lanyard imprinted with a cocktail ingredient and are invited to blend with others to create different mixed drinks. For instance, a participant wearing a “vodka” nametag could find someone wearing “tonic” and both would get a stir stick. The participant with the most stir sticks drinks in the glory and wins a prize.
What if you could get your group to break out of their usual cliques and network with others? What if you could give your participants a fun way to get to know one another better? If you host the What If? Networking Activity, there's no ifs about it - that's exactly what will happen! And, the activity works well whether your group doesn't know each other at all, or if your team has been working together for years.