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Event Description

Want to mix things up and get your participants interacting? This activity serves up a number of different mixer activities that will get your team to practice a number of skills, such as communication, strategy, problem-solving and teamwork while getting to know one another better!

As participants arrive, they receive a table tent card with their name on it. A table number is printed below their name to indicate which table they should sit at for the first part of this activity.

Four games are served up throughout the function. One is played as participants roam and network prior to sitting down. Three are played at participant tables. After each game, the winning table gets a raffle ticket for a prize drawing. Next, participants pick a table number from an envelope in the center of their current table, which directs them to a new table where they enjoy the next game and another chance to win a prize.

Pick one roaming game and three at tables from the following:

Roaming Games:

  • Participants receive a handout identifying the types of business cards they need to collect. Can they find one that has dots instead of dashes in between the phone number digits? One that shares a logo color with theirs? Participants get points for each card they collect.
  • Participants receive a Human Bingo handout. When they find someone who matches what’s identified in a Bingo box, they get that person to sign that box. Can they find someone who can sing their college fight song? Someone who is wearing socks that aren’t black or brown? Participants get points for getting Bingo and bonus points for filling all the boxes, each of which must have a different person’s initials in it.
  • Each participant receives a lanyard with a printed “If” statement. For instance, “If you could have a super power that could help you with your job, what would it be?” Participants must mingle with other participants to exchange answers to the “If” questions. Once they’ve shared their answers with one another, they initial that person’s lanyard. Participants get points for each person they swapped answers with.
  • Each participant receives a lanyard with the name of a suspect, weapon or location. They also get a list of these suspects, weapons and locations. The goal is for participants to spot the names of other participant’s suspect, weapon or location. When they do, it is crossed off their list. At the end of the mixer, they should have one suspect, weapon and location left unchecked on their list. If they’ve identified all three correctly, they win points.

At Table Games:

  • Teammates are challenged with…
  • Finding out how many traits they all have in common with one another. Participants win points for coming up with the longest list of common traits and bonus points for coming up with the most interesting common trait.
  • Finding hidden numbers buried in text and using them to reveal a three-digit code before any other table. For instance, the number five is hidden in this sentence - “If I’ve been successful with my company it’s because of the training they’ve provided.”
  • Finding company-related words hidden in a word search shared by the whole table. When all the words are found, the leftover letters are used to spell out what the table needs to do, such as stand up and shout a secret phrase. If they are the first to do it, they win!
  • Identifying the candies hinted at on the puzzle sheet. What could “Hills” be? Mounds of course! And “Laughing cowboys?” Jolly Ranchers! Tables get points for each one they identify correctly.
  • Working together to solve a mystery. As each participant gets their own clue sheet, participants usually fall prey to trying to work out the mystery on their own. But, they are warned that it’s only by working together that the mystery can be solved! The first table to solve the mystery wins.
  • Seeing if they’ll be the first table to use all of the 21 letters they’ve been provided with to make inter-connecting words, Scrabble-style. If they’re stuck and can’t use a tile, they can trade it in, but they’ll get two letters to replace it!
  • Sending one person from their table forward to “sing” a song that all tables must identify. The only hitch is, each person is wearing headphones, so nobody else can hear the song AND they only word they’re allowed to sing is “la.” Tables earn points for each song they identified correctly.

This is the perfect event if you want to break the ice and get your team mixing and mingling!


  • Set, strike and delivery of a themed networking event for tables of 8-10 participants
  • Professional event leader and assistant(s) to emcee and organize the event
  • Event supplies including table tent cards, pens, and all materials for four games
  • Prizes for games
  • DJ to provide sound system and play music throughout the event

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

50 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

Not applicable

Event Length

1-2 hours

Event Location

This event can be held indoors or outdoors

Level of Customization

Client logo on handout if desired

Event Elements

Networking, icebreaker, communication, bonding

Charitable Elements

None usually, but possible if requested

Space Requirements

100% seating at banquet rounds

Set Up Required

Draped and skirted banquet rounds with seating for 8-10 plus six or eight foot draped and skirted tables for supplies (dependent on number of participants). Power for DJ (standard outlet) is required.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description