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Make the Connection

Event Description

Usually if guests are on their smart devices during a party, you may think they're not entertained. But, not so with this activity! In this event, guests' phones and/or tablets not only serve as the vehicle for an entertaining activity, they also allow them to make a connection with other guests in a fun way.

As guests enter the party, they receive a handout inviting them to download the Make The Connection game app to their own smart device via in-room Wi-Fi or their own cellular service. Once they're into the game, they can view a list of challenges that they can do as and when they wish during the party. The game screen can be personalized with your company colors and logo if desired. And all of the challenges can tie into your event theme and encourage guests to mix and mingle. For instance, guests are encouraged to:

  • Answer questions – Guests may have to answer questions about the company, or that relate to the party theme. For instance, "As you're enjoying the food this evening, try to answer this question – how long does the typical American spend eating each day?" Guests can confer with one another before selecting their multiple-choice answer (1 hour and 14 minutes is the correct one). A good thing too, as several questions have countdown clocks associated with them making it difficult to look up the answers online in time.
  • Take photos – For instance, they may be asked to snap a photo with two other people to spell out a word with their fingers that relates to the theme, or get someone to strike a pose that could bring the meeting theme to life.
  • Create videos – Guests can make videos, such as showing off their best party trick, or telling their favorite joke to 2 other people at the party. Or, instead of making a video they may have to watch one. But they should watch closely, because once they're ready to move onto the next screen, they can't view it again! When the next screen opens, they must answer questions about what they saw. They're encouraged to do so with another guest, as two sets of eyes are better than one!
  • Solve clues & puzzles – Once again, the theme can be worked in, or kept generic! For instance, guests may read, "What has arms, but no hands; a bridge, but can't go over water and; a frame, but no pictures? When you've solved it, find a picture with someone who has this on their person." It's a pair of glasses, of course!
  • Find an object - A picture of something in the room such as your logo, a sculpture, or something worn by a VIP in the room is shown on the game screen. Guests must find that item and align it with the viewer to capture the image recognition and collect points.
Throughout the game guests are spurred on to play via messages sent from the game master. For instance, they may get a message reading, "Congratulations on taking 5 photos featuring 10 new people – we’re connecting 10 bonus points onto your score!" When guests have achieved a certain number of points, they also get a message reading, "You've made enough connections to collect a raffle ticket – report to the check-in table!" Guests can stop playing then, or go on to collect more raffle tickets. The event ends "app"ropriately with the prize drawing!


  • Set up, strike and delivery of the activity
  • Handout for guests explaining the game and QR code to access the game
  • Development of custom challenges within the app
  • A professional event leader to emcee and organize the activity
  • Event assistants to pass out handouts and to inform guests on how to participate in the activity
  • Equipment including a raffle bin and raffle tickets for the prize drawing + sign for the check-in table
  • A link providing access to all photographs and videos taken during the event

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

50 or more participants

Ideal Team Size


Event Length

Held throughout a reception style event lasting up to 3 hours

Event Location

This activity can be held indoors or outdoors

Level of Customization

Customized content can be added for an additional fee

Event Elements

Mixer, networking, icebreaker

Charitable Elements

None typically but can be incorporated for an additional fee

Space Requirements Takes place during an existing reception style function
Set Up Required

Area with strong cell signal and access to Wi-Fi, draped and skirted table from which to monitor the game and hand out raffle tickets, an easel for signage, microphone and sound system for emcee to make announcements.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description