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Jewel Exchange

Event Description

If you want your participants to exchange conversation with more than just their usual cliques, host this sparkling mixer activity!

As participants enter the event they receive a bag of fake jewels, each of which is a different color. They also receive a handout in a lanyard explaining how the Jewel Exchange works…

First, they must swap jewels with other participants, so in the end they have a bag of jewels that are all the same color. But, they can’t just exchange the physical jewels - they must also exchange one jewel of information about themselves with the person they receive each jewel from. After exchanging a shining example of something that makes them special, they must then write down on the back of the handout the name of the person they received the jewel from and one word that will help “sparkle” their memory on what they discussed.

Once they’ve completed their task, they present their jewels at “the jewelry store” in the room to get a claim ticket. At a set time, tickets are drawn and numbers “ring” out in the air. In order to make “the cut,” the participants whose claim tickets are called out must come forward, state the names of the people they exchanged jewels with and what they learned about them. If they correctly identify this information, they get to select a “diamond” from those on display. And, the people they met also get to come forward to select a smaller “diamond.”

Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold, or in this case, a diamond, for the selection is made up of mostly cubic zirconium stones and two genuine diamonds – one for the pool of participants whose claim ticket was called and another smaller one for the people they interacted with! Once the selections are made, the stones are checked and the lucky two picking the precious stones are revealed and told they get to take it home with them!

The Jewel Exchange – a flawless mixer that your participants will truly take a shine to!


  • Set, strike and delivery of a themed networking event
  • Professional event leader and assistant(s) to emcee and organize the event
  • Event supplies including one sign for the jewelry store, one bag filled with six fake jewels, a handout in a lanyard, and a golf pencil for each participant

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

50 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

Not applicable

Event Length

30 minutes as an event enhancement to an existing function

Event Location

This event can be held indoors or outdoors

Level of Customization


Event Elements

Networking, icebreaker, competition, prize giveaway

Charitable Elements

None usually

Space Requirements Minimal - enhancement activity as part of an existing function
Set Up Required

Six or eight foot draped and skirted tables for supplies (dependent on number of participants). Microphone and sound system for emcee.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description