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Hollywood Rolls

Event Description

There are a number of "roles" played in Hollywood, but in this activity, guests play Hollywood-themed games as the bus "rolls" towards their destination! Hollywood is famous for pitting one side against another – cops vs. robbers, humans vs. aliens. So too does this activity - it's the right side of the bus vs. the left side! And, one lucky person on the winning side will find they've picked up a prize along the way.

The emcee leads games similar to those featured on the television show Hollywood Game Night. Games may include:

Passing Games:
Sides take turns playing the games. When one side is done, play passes over to the other side. Sides have a limited amount of time to see how many they can guess to put points on the board.

Where To?
One teammate is the "driver" and he asks his team, "Where to?" The team must then describe the place name on the card they're handed to the driver without using any of the names in the title. So, if the card read, "The Grand Canyon" they may say, "A big hole in the ground!"

Drop A Hint
One person turns their back to the emcee. The emcee flashes up a word. Teammates take turns giving one-word hints to help their teammate guess the word. When they get the word right, a new word is held up by the emcee!

The Last Word
The emcee reads out the beginning of a famous movie quote. The side that yells out the correct end of the quote first wins points!

Turn Back Time
Each side is handed six posters picturing the same celebrity. They must put the pictures in date order from most recent (at the front of the bus) to the oldest (at the back of the bus). When a side thinks they have the pictures in the right order, they can call out for the emcee to check them. If they don't have all six placed correctly, they can re-order them. Points are based on how many were placed correctly when time runs out.

TV Talk
One person from each side is secretly shown the name of a television show. Opponents bid on who can get their team to guess the name of the show with the fewest words spoken aloud as possible.

Auto Tunes
The emcee reads out a song lyric in a robotic voice. The first side to raise their paddle must sing the next line of the song. If they get it right, they win the points. If they get it wrong, the other side wins the point!

On a Roll
Each side is given a jumbo roll of crepe paper. On go, they must open and unroll the entire roll of crepe paper, passing it to the next row on the bus each time the emcee yells out "pass!" The first side to completely unravel their roll wins!

When the games are over, each person on the winning side receives a raffle ticket for a prize drawing. Choose to have prizes broken up into multiple dollar amounts, or have one person win it all!.


  • Set up, strike and delivery activity for up to one hour
  • A professional event leader to emcee and one assistant to help organize the activity and keep score
  • All equipment and supplies for challenges
  • Raffle tickets and $100 in gift card(s) prize(s)

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

30 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

Right side of bus vs. left side of bus

Event Length

Up to 1 hour

Event Location

This activity is held on a motor coach

Level of Customization

None typically but customization is available for an additional fee

Event Elements

Networking, entertainment, creativity, teamwork, etc.

Charitable Elements

None typically

Space Requirements Motor coach with seating for all participants PLUS two event staff
Set Up Required

Microphone and sound system for emcee to use during activity

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description