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Get to the Point High Tech Scavenger Hunt

Event Description

If you don’t see the point of going to a destination and not giving your group an opportunity to experience it, then this GPS hunt is the perfect choice for your attendees! That’s because teams get to explore the event area while they compete in challenges by finding points on a map. No old school paper folding skills are required as the map is an interactive one within a custom app that has been pre-installed on team iPads. The app can be personalized with your company colors and logo if desired.

As guests enter the event kick-off location, they are handed a bandanna, which serves as team identification. Next, each team receives their iPad and the emcee gives a quick overview on how to use the app to play the game. In order to see what challenges await them at the hotspots pinned on the map, teams must get to that point in order to view them and score points.

After a brief training session to ensure the team captains understand how to use the app, teams are off and running throughout the event area. Some of the tasks teams may do revolve around:

  • Photos – Creativity is put to the test as teams are asked to pose for team photos! For instance, teams may have to make it look like their team is flying, interacting with a statue, or using force perspective to create an interesting effect.
  • Videos – Teams can make videos, such as recording their very own version of Carpool Karaoke, or a commercial for their company. Or, instead of making a video they may have to watch one. But they should watch closely, because once they’re ready to move onto the next screen, they can’t view it again! When the next screen opens, they must answer questions about what they saw.
  • Questions – Teams may earn points for answering questions. These questions can be anything from pop culture trivia to information about the event area.
  • Clues – A clue may entail having to figure out a rebus puzzle, solving a mystery, or it could wrap in what’s nearby. For instance, at a pool, teams may be asked to get inspiration from their location to fill in the blanks to finish this word __ __ __ D. What’s the word? “Hood” of course because what’s in the area is H2O!
  • Challenges – These can be games, such as seeing how many balls they can keep in the air in a group juggling contest, they may have to compete in a head-to-head challenge against another team in a round of Giant Jenga, or they may receive a message asking them to report in for a surprise challenge.
  • Countdowns – These are challenges teams must complete before time runs out, such as answering questions without being given time to look up the answers online. Or, teams may have to race around the area to complete a challenge, such as finding the correct year from the many listed on plaques in the area before the screen closes.
  • Image Recognition - A picture of something in the event area, such as a hotel sign, is shown on the screen. Teams must find that sign and align it with the viewer to capture the image recognition and get the points!
  • Surprises – Just as every city has hidden hotspots, so too does this hunt! For instance, if teams happen to be in just the right area, a secret challenge may open up for them to earn bonus points. Or, once they’ve earned a certain number of points, they may get a message telling them they earned a reward.

At a set time, teams meet up to learn which one put the most points on the board, which happens instantaneously, as scoring is tracked in real time. Then, the winning team is announced, and the entire team comes forward to collect their award medals. But, win or lose, all will get the point of this adventure – to connect with their colleagues and enjoy a fun-filled event!


  • Set up, strike and delivery of a team building event for teams of 6 participants
  • Development of all clues and challenges within the app to include location specific tasks and challenges as well as your company or meeting logo
  • A professional event leader to emcee and organize the event
  • Rental of one iPad per team, in case, with game app pre-installed
  • Event assistants to pass out tablets, help with tasks and score
  • Bandannas for each participant to serve as team identification
  • Link providing access to all team photographs and videos taken during the event
  • Award medals for each participant on the winning team, customized with client or meeting logo, if desired

Additional Event Information

Minimum Group Size

30 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

6 participants per team

Event Length

2 - 3 hours

Event Location

This event typically takes place in a city center, shopping and dining district, theme park or resort area

Level of Customization

Client logo on award medals and in app if desired, GPS hotspots set around hunt area, customization to incorporate company information or meeting content available for an additional fee.

Event Elements

Relationship building, competition, problem solving, time management

Charitable Elements

None usually, but possible if requested

Space Requirements

Approximately 12 sq. ft. per person for opening and closing of event

Set Up Required

One draped and skirted banquet round per team with seating for 6 at kick-off and ending location preferred. Six or eight foot draped and skirted tables as needed for supplies (dependent on number of participants). Microphone and sound system for emcee for groups of 30 or more. Access to WiFi or strong data signal in event location.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description