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Family Scavenger Hunt

Guests explore the event area completing a variety of fun challenges presented in a GPS based scavenger hunt app. Participants form small teams and download the app with your private game to one team member’s phone. Teams then work together to unlock the challenges by navigating to various points on an interactive map within the app.

After a quick overview by the event emcee on how to use the app, guests are off to start earning points and having a great time while doing so! The app also features a live scoreboard and the ability for teams to message each other during the event.

Sample challenges include:

  • Photos – Creativity is put to the test as teams are asked to pose for team photos! For instance, teams may have to make it look like their team is flying, interact with a statue, or use forced perspective to create an interesting effect.
  • Videos – Teams can make videos, such as recording their very own version of Carpool Karaoke or act as reporters breaking an interesting news story.
  • Questions – Teams may earn points for answering questions. These questions can be anything from pop culture trivia to information about the event area. Some questions feature a countdown clock so teams must answer quickly to earn points.
  • Clues – A clue may entail having to figure out a rebus puzzle, solving a mystery, or deciphering a secret code.
  • Image Recognition – Teams may have to scan something in the event area to reveal additional information or unlock more challenges.

At a set time, participants meet up to learn which earned the most points. This can take place immediately or guests can be free to explore the event area at their leisure and the winning team announced later.


  • Set, strike and delivery of activity for up to 2 hours
  • A professional event leader and assistant to emcee and organize the event
  • A handout explaining how each team can download the app and access the private game with a QR code
  • Link providing access to all photographs and videos taken during the event
  • Gift basket for the winning team with items that can be shared by all participants on the winning team

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size10 or more families/teams
Ideal Team Size4 - 6
Event Length2 hours
Event Location This event is held in a local attraction (admission to the attraction is NOT included)
Level of Customization None
Event Elements Recreational competition for families
Charitable Elements None
Space Requirements Private location to kick off the hunt. Private location to end the hunt if option one is chosen.
Set Up RequiredSeating at event kick-off location if desired. Microphone and sound system required for hunt kick off for 30 participants or more. Alternately, staffed hunt desk could be set up during a set time frame for participants to pick up their hunt packets.