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Donation Quest 2.0

Event Description

Just as your company is constantly striving to improve, we improved our popular Donation Quest event, giving it a high-tech update! What's new? Teams get to explore the event area using a GPS driven iPad app to "unlock" a variety of fun challenges. When they’ve completed enough of them, they also unlock donations that will help a local non-profit.

As guests enter the event area, they are handed team identification. Once they’ve found their teammates, the emcee kicks off the event. Here's how the quest works:

Each team gets a tablet that allows them to view GPS coordinates on a map. In order to see what challenges they must complete, they need to make their way to these coordinates. When they get close to them, the challenges unlock! Alternatively, if your event takes place indoors, teams must seek out specific items in the event area that are pictured in the app. When they find those items and scan them with their tablet, the challenge unlocks. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, there are also anytime challenges that can be opened wherever teams may be.

As teams earn points throughout the event they receive notifications congratulating them and providing updates telling them how close they are to earning their donation items. Items vary based on the needs of the selected non-profit organization. For example, a battered women's shelter may need household items such as pillows, sheets, and cookware to help women stock a new apartment after escaping an abusive relationship. A school or a local Boys and Girls Club may be in need of books, games, school supplies, or snack items. We'll coordinate with the non-profit of your choice to purchase items on their "wish list". Alternatively, teams can collect "dollars" that equate to a check donation awarded to the charity at the end of the event based on the amount of points they earn.

Some of the challenges teams may open include:

  • Trivia Questions – These questions highlight the charitable theme of the event.
  • Photo Challenges – Creativity is put to the test as teams pose for team photos! For instance, teams may have to take a picture with everyone making a heart with their hands or spelling out a word with their bodies that symbolizes the giving feeling.
  • Video Challenges – Teams can make videos, such as recording their very own version of a fundraiser idea that will catch on as much as the ice bucket challenge did. Or, they can be told to watch a video about the charity closely. That's because once they're ready to move onto the next screen, they can’t view it again! When the next screen opens, they must answer questions about what they saw.
  • Clues & Puzzles – A clue may entail having to figure out rebus puzzles such as a picture of a chair + I + a cup of tea (it's charity), finding the one charity-related word hidden in a sea of letters, or a brainteaser such as this one – "It's important to give back – a hint that will help you find the phrase we’re looking for from these letters: SKCORYPORHTNALIHP" If teams read the letters backwards it spells out philanthropy rocks!
  • Countdown Challenges – These are challenges teams must complete before time runs out, such as answering questions without being given time to look up the answers online. Or, teams may have to complete a challenge using info in the event area quickly, such as doing an equation with prices on a menu in the event area and then taking a picture of the amount of the solution in change – change that could make a difference to the charitable organization they're helping!
  • Surprises – If teams pass by a secret hotpsot, a bonus challenge may be unlocked. Or, the game master may be so enthralled with one of their photos or videos; they'll receive a message that they earned bonus points!
Once teams complete enough challenges they receive a message stating that they’ve completed their quest and unlocked the donation items. However, the winning team isn't determined yet, so they’re encouraged to continue completing challenges until time is up and they must return to the kick-off room. Depending on what is needed by the charity, teams may prove that they've earned enough points to assemble care packages or collect other donation items. Or, a donation check is presented to the charity based on how many teams completed the quest. The quest ends with teams listening to a representative speak about how the donations will help their organization. Finally, the team that scored the most points is called to the stage to collect award medals for "giving" this quest their all!


  • Set, strike and delivery of an event for teams of 6 participants
  • Development of all clues and challenges within the app to include location specific tasks and challenges as well as your company or meeting logo
  • Professional event leader to emcee and organize the event
  • Event assistants to pass out tablets, help with tasks and score
  • Team identification for each participant
  • Rental of an iPad for each team and $100 per team in charitable donations or money
  • Large check for donation presentation if it's decided to donate money instead of items
  • Delivery of donation items to a local non-profit organization
  • Access to a link with all team photographs and videos taken during the event
  • Award medals for each participant on the winning team

Additional Event Information

Minimum Group Size

30 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

6 participants per team

Event Length

2-3 hours

Event Location

This event is typically held in a place of interest, such as a city center, shopping district, amusement park, or large resort

Level of Customization

Client chooses type of charity to benefit from event, client determines if donation will be cash or items needed by the charity, client logo on award medals

Event Elements

CSR, relationship building, community service, team bonding, strategy, problem solving, creativity, etc.

Charitable Elements

Donations to a local charity of client's choice

Space Requirements

Private location for event kick-off and ending. If choosing a care package assembly activity at the end of the hunt, additional space will be needed for tables for donation items.

Set Up Required

Draped and skirted banquet rounds with seating for 10 (1 for each team), six or eight-foot draped and skirted tables for care package assembly items (if that option is chosen), microphone and sound system at kick-off and ending for the emcee.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description