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Detect & Dine

Event Description

Everyone knows that a great dinner event can be murder to pull off. But, what makes this dinner event great is murder – a murder mystery activity that is! Here's the plot – guests complete murder mystery-themed challenges and each time one is completed, a piece of information is released that will help them identify the guilty suspect.

There are as many ways to serve up this event, as there are choices on a menu. It could be:

  • A backdrop activity that guests play as and when they like, or as an organized activity that everyone plays during a set timeframe
  • An event that guests play as individuals, or as a team activity with anywhere from 2-6 guests on a team
  • An event that awards a prize to the first to identify the murderer, or everyone who identifies the murderer by a set time is put into a prize drawing
Whichever way whets your appetite, guests are invited to download an app to their own smart device via in-room Wi-Fi or their own cellular service. The app can be personalized with your company colors and logo if desired. Once they're into the app, a full course of challenges is on offer. These actions will slay your guests because they are fun to participate in and encourage guest interaction. Here's a sample of what’s on the menu in the app:

  • Photos – Everyone knows photos are taken at crime scene and that's also the case in this activity! Guests may be asked to pose for a wanted poster, or stage a photo with others that shows their detective work in action - will they dust another person for fingerprints, or will they shine a light on someone as if they were asking them a question?
  • Videos – Guests can make videos, such as filming a funny reason why someone would have murdered the suspect, which could be one of your company's VIPs, a competitor – you name it! Or, instead of making a video they may have to watch one. But they should watch closely, because once they're ready to move onto the next screen, they can't view it again! When the next screen opens, they must put their powers of observation to the test and answer questions about what they saw.
  • Questions – Guests may have to answer questions such as, "Which of these caliber bullets is not a real one - .22LR, .40S&W or .50ACP?" They must think quickly, as several have countdown clocks associated with them making it difficult to look up the answers online in time.
  • Clues & Puzzles – Can they decrypt the secret message left at the crime scene? Can they piece together pieces of a note left by an anonymous tipster?
  • Image Recognition - A picture of something in the room such as a sign or the espresso machine, is shown on the screen. Guests must find that item and align it with the viewer to capture the image recognition and collect a piece of evidence.
For each task that is successfully completed, teams are given information that may help them solve the murder.

At a set time a composite of several different suspects is sent out on the app. Guests must use the evidence they collected – such as the suspect had brown hair, or the suspect is male – to determine which one shown is the guilty party from a list of suspects. The winner(s) make a killing themselves, collecting their prize(s) for their detective skills. But, everyone will die laughing after participating in this fun activity!


  • Set up, strike and delivery activity
  • Development of all challenges within the app and inclusion of company or meeting logo on the app
  • A professional event leader to emcee and organize the activity
  • Event assistants to pass out handouts to inform guests on how to participate in the activity
  • Link providing access to all photographs and videos taken during the event

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

50 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

Individuals or up to 6 people per team

Event Length

Up to 2 hours

Event Location

This activity can be held indoors or outdoors

Level of Customization

Client logo and colors on app, customization of game available for additional fee

Event Elements

Networking, strategy, problem solving, creativity, etc.

Charitable Elements

None typically

Space Requirements Typically done during a reception style event
Set Up Required

Microphone and sound system for the emcee, room with good data or Wi-Fi reception. Please note: participants must download an app on their personal smart device to participate in the activity.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description