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Event Description

Would you like to add a charitable activity into your meeting but just don't have time in the agenda to dedicate two to three hours on a full CSR teambuilding program? No problem! Add a charitable activity station to your reception event. These stations are staffed with friendly attendants who will interact with and encourage attendees to participate in the activity, replenish supplies, and keep the station neat and clean. Stations also include a sign to promote the activity and tell the guests about the non-profit benefitting from the resulting donation. Consider the following charitable activities for your reception:

Stuffed Animals
Nothing beats cuddling up with something soft. But, for those who have a hard life, this just may not be possible. Now your attendees can give this good feeling to others and feel good themselves knowing the items are going to those in need.

At this activity station guests are invited to assemble a teddy bear or other cute animal friend such as an alligator or dolphin for a child in need. Each participant will choose an animal "skin," stuff it with fluff, and zip it up to seal the contents inside. Then, if you wish, they may choose an outfit to dress the new stuffed animal in before they set it in the container to be donated to a local non-profit to distribute.

Hospital Art
Your attendees will have the opportunity to create beautiful pieces of tropical themed art that will be donated through The Foundation for Hospital Art to a hospital, clinic, nursing home, or shelter.

As guests visit the Hospital Art station, they pick up a paintbrush and color in a portion of the artwork. No artistic talent is required as the canvasses are pre-set with the artwork and color dot system that tells attendees which colors need to go in which locations. Attendees can spend as much or as little time as they wish at this station painting just a small portion of the design or making a bigger impact.

The canvases are designed to hang one inch apart on a wall. The completed multiple-canvas-paintings differ by design with some measuring approximately 6'2" by 3'2" high and some 4' 1" high X 4' 8" wide.

As the event goes on, participants will see the progress made as the black and white canvasses transition to colorful pieces of artwork and know that the time they spent on this project will provide a lasting contribution to an organization dedicated to helping those in need.

TOMS for Tots to Teens
Many families today are struggling to clothe their children and new shoes or shoes that fit properly are a luxury that these families cannot afford.

Today, your group can provide shoes for children here in America and also benefit those in other countries through the TOMS One for One program. Attendees can turn a pair of plain canvas shoes into a work of art that any child would be excited and proud to wear. Fabric markers, paint, glitter, and other decorating supplies will be available as guests put their personal touch on a pair of TOMS shoes that will be donated to a local child in need.

Jewelry Making
At this station guests make necklaces and bracelets to be donated to women in need. We'll partner with a non-profit such as Dress for Success who provides professional clothing and jewelry to women who are searching for professional jobs but don’t have the means to purchase appropriate interview clothing. Or, we can partner with a local women's shelter to provide the jewelry to women who have fled abusive relationships.

The station will have a variety of jewelry making supplies, boxes with inner cotton fill pad, and ribbons to decorate the boxes. Guests may also include a short note of encouragement for the women who will receive the jewelry.

Dog Toys
Picture a poor pup all alone and bored in an animal shelter. These dog toys will give them comfort and something to distract them from their situation. In this simple-to-make activity, guests simply tie and braid strips of cloth, which are secured to make dog pull toys. The station has a variety of colors of cloth, instructions on how to make the toys and clamps to make it easier for guests to braid the cloth.


  • Set up, strike and delivery of chosen activity stations
  • A professional event leader and assistants to manage the activity stations
  • Items to be donated including any supplies necessary for assembly or decoration of donated
  • Procurement and preparation of all supplies for the quantity purchased. Please note that once the purchased quantity of items is complete, supplies will not be replenished even if the allotted time for the activity is not over.
  • Delivery of all donated items to a local charity (Note: Hospital art mural activity may be donated to a non-local facility)
  • One 2' x 3' sign to be placed on an easel at the activity station to promote the activity and non-profit (graphic design included)

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

100 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

Not applicable

Event Length

Up to 3 hours

Event Location

This event can be held indoors or outdoors

Level of Customization

None typically

Event Elements

CSR, charity

Charitable Elements

Donations go to an appropriate local charity

Space Requirements Varies based on chosen activity, number and type of donations
Set Up Required

Six or eight-foot draped and skirted tables as needed for activity supplies, one easel per chosen activity for sign

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description