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Event Description

Remember how scary it was getting ready to go away to college? Well, for kids who foster out of the system at age 18, it’s a whole lot scarier. That’s because they may have been smart enough to get a scholarship, but they have nobody helping them with the preparations for dorm life. Nobody that is, until you step in by participating in this event…

As guests arrive, they receive their school colors to help them find their fellow classmates. Once they’re assembled, the emcee educates them on how this event will work. Each class has a "report card" highlighting the different classes - game stations around the room - they can visit at their leisure during this event. Classmates must “go to class” and get a grade based on how well they completed the game. All of the games are built around items the students will need for their dorm. For instance:

  • Storage Wars – Players must unpack the nestling storage bins and sort the different office supplies the students will need that are scattered throughout the game station into separate bins. Classes are graded on how quickly they can complete the task.
  • Pillow Pass – Classmates form a line. The first person must put a pillow inside a pillowcase. The second person must take the pillow out of the pillowcase, etc. alternating down the line. Classes are graded on speed in this assignment.
  • Drying Rack Wrap – Classmates must throw bolos, usually used in a game of ladderball, onto laundry drying racks. The more bolos they wrap around the bars of the drying rack, the better their grade!
  • At A Good Clip – Teams get a container of colored paper clips. On go, they must string together all of the paper clips by color in a long string, with all of the blue clipped together, all of the red clipped together, etc. The quicker they complete the task, the better their grade!
  • Sock Hop – Socks await in a laundry basket. On go, classmates race to find and roll the matching socks together. The faster they are, the better their grade!
  • Get Hung Up – Classmates race to pick up plastic hangers off the floor, Barrel Of Monkeys-style! Once they've hooked a certain number of hangers together, their report card is graded.
  • Shower Caddy Conundrum – All of the tops have been taken off the bath and beauty products. The race is on to get the right cap onto the right product before time is up. Grades are based on how many matches they made in the time allowed.
  • Head Games – Classmates don headphones and must listen to a quick string of songs that deal with school in some way. The more they can identify, the better their grade. Was that School's Out by Alice Cooper? School of Rock by Jack Black?

When they've finished the games, their report cards are turned in at the school store where they can shop for items such as party streamers, ribbon, markers, construction paper, tissue paper and more to help them with their next assignment – creating a school logo that shows off their spirit on their class bulletin board. And the best part is the bulletin boards are also donated to students after the event!

Classes must complete this last assignment by a set time, as it will be judged, either by a group of VIPs, or their fellow classmates. The class getting the highest marks for this final assignment steps forward to get recognized for their achievement, not with a diploma, but with an award medal. But the real winners are the students who will be blown away when they receive all the items used during the event for their freshman year of college. Your group will leave feeling like they graduated at the top of their class for what they did to help someone in need get ready for school. College Prep – it’s the smart pick when it comes to doing a charitable event!


  • Set, strike and delivery of an event for teams of 10 participants
  • A professional event leader to emcee and organize the event
  • Event assistants to assist classes at the school store and at the game stations
  • A DJ to play music and provide the sound system throughout the event
  • Team identification for participants
  • Event equipment including report cards, game equipment to be donated after the event, bulletin boards and materials to decorate them from the school store
  • Award medals for each participant on the winning team

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

30 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

10 participants per team

Event Length

2 hours

Event Location

This event is typically held indoors

Level of Customization

Client logo on award medals

Event Elements

CSR, relationship building, competition, strategy, time management, high-energy, team bonding

Charitable Elements

Donations to a local charity supporting foster children aging out of the system

Space Requirements

Approximately 25 square feet per person

Set Up Required

Draped and skirted banquet rounds with seating for 10 (1 for each team), six or eight-foot draped and skirted tables for the DJ, games, and school store, power (standard outlet) for the DJ.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description