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Charitable Events

These programs serve multiple purposes. They are great for teambuilding, but also have that feel-good factor of helping others in need. Best of all, a deserving charity benefits because of your organization.

One event can do amazing things!

  • Over 100 bikes with all the “bells and whistles” given to smiling faces at the Boys and Girls Club
  • 600 Snack Packs for boys and girls whose only meal is the one provided at school
  • Over 7,000 cans to fill empty shelves at a local food pantry
  • Over 1,500 care packages created for the men and women serving overseas
  • 50 Radio Flyer Wagons packed full of toys parading into the doors of a local charity to bring cheer to children during the holiday season
ArCANtecture is an event that combines creativity and camaraderie with canned goods to produce outstanding results. In this event, teams compete to build the most innovative structure using non-perishable food items that will later be donated to a charity.
This competitive, fast paced event takes all the best elements from game shows and physical team challenge events and combines them into one really fun charitable event that ultimately benefits a military charity such as the USO.
Teams compete in games and challenges sure to bring back childhood memories as they “earn” supplies towards cheer packages that will be donated to brighten the day of children staying in a local hospital. In addition to the cheer packages that are filled with books and activities and decorated, participants also assemble teddy bears for the patients.
Remember how scary it was getting ready to go away to college? Well, for kids who foster out of the system at age 18, it's a whole lot scarier. That's because they may have been smart enough to get a scholarship, but they have nobody helping them with the preparations for dorm life. Nobody that is, until you step in by participating in this event…
Your team will get a good night's sleep knowing they helped children in need get the same with these comfort kits. Sadly, most children who are homeless or placed into foster care have what few belongings they possess in a plastic bag. In this event, teams participate in challenges to earn a bag, that will give dignity back to this child, as well as comfort items, such as a stuffed animal, a bright and colorful blankie and books that they can call their own. Your group can even add a personal touch by decorating these items.
Just as your company is constantly striving to improve, we improved our popular Donation Quest event, giving it a high-tech update! What’s new? Teams get to explore the event area using a GPS driven iPad app to "unlock" a variety of fun challenges. When they’ve completed enough of them, they also unlock donations that will help a local non-profit.
Teams gear up to have some fun by building and decorating bicycles, which are judged for creativity and donated to children in need. Before they can build them, however, they’ll have to earn the parts and tools by completing bicycle-themed challenges and puzzles.
This event has teams competing for prizes – not for themselves, but for the charity that is benefiting from this this fast-paced, feel-good event. Each Give Back Game Show is customized to put the spotlight on your chosen charity as information about the organization and people who are helped by it is woven throughout the event. One team will be victorious but the real winner is the charitable organization receiving the donations from this unique event.
This care packages event is a fun twist on the traditional. Teams stuff drawstring backpacks with non-perishable food items for children in need. And, in order to earn the food items, teams must compete in a series of games that are sure to bring back fun memories of their own childhood!
This charitable teambuilding event is anything but par for the course. Teams have a great time as they strategize, put their creativity to work, test their golf game AND do something great for a local charity along the way.
Nothing puts a smile on your face like playing with your pet. But, a close second is playing games with your colleagues to earn donations for a pet shelter!!
Your guests can plant some sunshine in someone's life by simply spending a couple of hours having fun with your colleagues. Participants decorate terracotta pots that will later be delivered to a local nursing home or hospital. The blooming plants inside the pots will provide long lasting "sunshine" to brighten the room of each recipient.
Teams test much-needed, brand-new sports equipment in a series of relays before handing it over to a charity that desperately needs it. Kids from the charity may even be on hand to help their team win the day.
The race is on to provide relief for the type of charity that is near to your heart – choose from schools and students in need, the homeless or animal shelters. Teams build racecars out of the supplies provided and a variety of donation items. After the cars cross the finish line they are disassembled and donated to a local charity.
Teams assemble reading benches, stuff and dress toy animals to be reading buddies, and participate in challenges such as literature-based trivia and “Book Bingo” to win books. The team collecting the most books wins! All items are donated to local charity to encourage success through literacy.
Teams assemble and decorate wagons for kids in need to play with. Next, the teams get to play as they compete in challenges to win toys to place in their wagon that will be donated to some very lucky children. Challenges may include toy trivia, puzzles, musical challenges, and more!
Participants choose a pair of TOMS shoes and visit the decorating station for inspiration. A variety of paints, stencils, markers, buttons & thread, etc. are available for participants design a unique pair of shoes that will be donated through a local non-profit to children in need. In addition to this very useful and needed donation, TOMS will also donate additional pairs of shoes to children in a developing country through their One for One program.