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Blankies & Bears

Nothing beats cuddling up with something soft. But, for those who have a hard life, this just may not be possible. While your group's attendees are in meetings, their spouses can get to know each other better as they participate in a fun, charitable activity.

Upon arrival to the event, guests are invited to find a seat at a table. The emcee welcomes the group and gives them a few minutes for introductions around their table. The emcee then introduces a representative from a local charity to talk to the group for a bit about their organization. Guests then learn that they will be stuffing teddy bears and creating no-sew fleece blankets for the children that the non-profit serves.

Each guest will choose a teddy bear shell (or other cute animal). They then visit the stuffing station and fill up their bear, rabbit, dog, etc. Once their stuffed animal is complete, they choose their fabric for their no-sew blanket. Instructions are provided on how to make these simple but soft and cuddly blankets that are sure to brighten the day of a local child in need.

At the end of the event, the guests have gotten to know each other better and can feel great about the company their spouse works for as they know the blankies and bears they helped create will be a special gift for a child in need.


  • Set, strike and delivery of activity
  • A professional event leader to emcee and organize the event
  • Event assistants to help guests and maintain supplies
  • One no-sew blanket per person including rental of scissors, measuring tape, etc.
  • One animal "shell" and stuffing per person (bears or assorted animals).

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size10 or more guests
Ideal Team Size Not applicable
Event Length 1.5 hour program
Event Location This event can be held indoors or outdoors
Level of Customization Minimal
Event Elements Spouse program, networking event, recreational activity
Charitable Elements All blankets and stuffed animals are delivered to a local charity
Space Requirements Approximately 15-20 square feet per person
Set Up Required 100% seating at banquet rounds plus draped and skirted 6 or 8 foot tables for event supplies (# varies based on group size), house background music, plus microphone and sound system for the event (if over 30 participants)