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Event Description

ArCANtecture is an event that combines creativity and camaraderie with canned goods to produce outstanding results. In this event, teams compete to build the most innovative structure using non-perishable food items that will later be donated to a charity.

As teams arrive at their worksite, they receive a colored bandanna to help them find their fellow workers. Each crew makes their way to their team table, where a variety of canned food items await them. For instance, one team may have cans of crushed tomatoes and green beans, while another receives Campbell’s Soup and canned peaches to use as the base of their project.

All architects will be provided with the same project parameters for building their sculptures; however, they will all be inspired to come up with their own innovative designs. Teams may be tasked to get the inspiration for their creations from your meeting theme or your corporate tagline. Or, teams may be tasked to create a new product concept that will launch your company to the next level. It’s up to you!

After the emcee runs down the worksite rules with the group, he or she gives each team their “paycheck” in the form of coins. Teams must budget wisely as they buy different colored or shaped packages of food and other decorating items from a supply depot to add variance to their sculptures. Available decorations may include balloons, pipe cleaners, construction paper, colored tape, aluminum foil, etc.

As teams collaborate on and build their sculptures, a DJ spins upbeat tunes in the background. In addition to building the sculpture, teams must also create a presentation board to introduce and explain their arCANtectural design to all other teams. The emcee will announce when the projects and presentations must be complete.

Either a group of inspectors can survey all sculptures, or participants themselves can vote for their favorite sculpture. The only hitch is, they can’t vote for their own. Once the votes are tallied, the winning team is presented with award medals in honor of the best sculpture. The event ends on a high note as participants hear from a charity representative that opens his or her heart to the group, accepts the canned food donation, and gives perspective on the importance of the donation to the people it will go to.


  • Set, strike and delivery of an event for teams of 8 participants
  • Professional event leader and assistant(s) to emcee and organize the event
  • Bandannas as team identification for each participant
  • Event equipment including packaged food for each team
  • Award medals for each participant on the winning team
  • Coordination including delivery to a local non-profit to receive the donation
  • DJ to provide sound system and play music throughout the event

Additional Event Information

Ideal Group Size

30 or more participants

Ideal Team Size

8 participants per team

Event Length

1.5 - 2 hours

Event Location

This event can be held indoors or outdoors

Level of Customization

Client logo on award medals, choice of charity for donation

Event Elements

Relationship building, give back to community, competition, creativity

Charitable Elements

All food items donated to charity

Space Requirements

Approximately 15 sq. ft. per person

Set Up Required

One draped and skirted banquet round per team with seating for 8, plus six or eight foot draped and skirted tables as needed for supplies (dependent on number of participants). Power for the DJ (standard outlet) is required.

Note:  Based on event location and group size, event details may differ slightly from above description